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Retail & Entertainment

Occupancy counting & cognitive insights

WatchSpace helps retail & entertainment businesses with anonymised counting of the number of people in their premises. Our computer vision-based systems achieves 98% accuracy, even in variable , poor or no light conditions.  Our machine learning algorithms are currently training to identify instances of in-theatre anti-piracy  

Real-time people counting

Our customised people counting system provides insights to save money, gain valuable analytics, improve the visitor experience and optimise operations. Our video-based people counting can be used by many types of businesses : malls, cinemas,  exhibition centres, sporting venues, restaurants and so on. The count data lets them make informed decisions about their business.

We are able to provide counting solutions can be implemented indoors or outdoors and is capable of functioning in the most challenging lighting conditions. 


  • Web-based dashboard for access to real-time  as well as past count data

  • Anytime anywhere secure access

  • API integration with existing systems

  • Custom configured alerts & notifications 

  • Anonymous counting, no privacy infringement


Theatrical anti-piracy systems

Illegal feature film copies during theatrical screenings are a key source of pirated feature film material worldwide. More than 90% of newly released movies that appear illegally on the Internet and on the streets around the world originate from illegal copies being made in cinemas.  

Our AI & ML based system can offer a comprehensive level of protection to cinemas  and content owners looking to secure their boundaries against leaks. 

Even when the WatchSpace platform identifies a suspected instance of screen recording, it still has to eliminate false positives. When an instance is flagged off, WatchSpace analysts manually scan anonymised data extracted from the location before deciding whether the flag has been correctly identified, which in turn helps improve our machine learning systems. These human decisions are used to teach our algorithms, meaning that if we encounter similar cases in the future our technology will be better equipped to deal with the query.


  • Real-time alerts for flagged instances of screen recording

  • Cost effective piracy protection

  • No privacy intrusion in monitoring process

  • Visual proof of infringement

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