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Who we are

Eikonatech is a Bengaluru based start-up focused on building enterprise technology that help to make physical infrastructure smarter through artificial intelligence, machine learning & computer vision-driven applications. 

What we do

At Eikonatech, we believe that a step change in user experience will unlock the next wave of value creation for our customers. Our contactless access control software provides seamless access yet a very safe & secure physical environment, ever so critical in the current situation. Our asset monitoring solutions provides unprecedented levels of convenience, transparency & cost savings. Real-time as well as analytical data thus collected is setting new industry standards for recording proof of performance and predictive maintenance.


We have built in flexibility in use case application for our core technology propositions. We are able to provide customised solutions for other industry verticals with the same technology platform…smart city projects, queue management, vehicular & people movement analytics, KYC processes… to name a few.

Diverse deployments

factory construction.png

Industry Construction Site

@Hosur, India

Time & attendance solution, contract staff entry & exit management, contagion screening & mitigation; Large urban Infrastructure construction project site that needs to process the entry & exit of >3000 staff per day.

Features of implementation:

  • Handsfree access

  • Permanent & Contract staff T&A

  • Mask compliance & temperature checks

  • Automated attendance reports

  • Digital twin dashboard integration


Bank Headquarters

@Chennai, India

Staff Identity & access management, Time & attendance solution, contagion screening & mitigation; Bank Head Quarters installation for access control, time & attendance  for ~1200 staff.
- Contactless access 
- Contagion screening & mitigation
- Time & Attendance records
- HRMS integration

corporateoffice entrance.png

Corporate Offices

@Multiple Cities, India

Comprehensive access control solution for corporate offices spread across 4 cities in India processing ingress & egress for ~1200 staff across multiple floor levels & locations.
Key features:
- Contactless access 
- Contagion screening & mitigation
- Time & Attendance records
- HRMS integration


Electronics Factory

@Krishnagiri, India

Comprehensive multi-site Identity & Access management for staff & visitors for a very large electronics components manufacturing plant with ~2000 employees.
- Contactless access with contagion screening & mitigation processes
- Employee Real Time Location Services
- Time & Attendance with HRMS integration
- Managed services for staff identity & access 
- Visitor Management Services


Steel Plant

@Bokaro, India

Identity & access management, Time & attendance solution, contract staff entry & exit management, contagion screening & mitigation; Steel plant that needs o track T&A of contract & permanent staff across various sites within factory premises, T&A process automation for >1500 staff.
Installation features:
- Handsfree access
- Permanent & Contract staff T&A
- Mask compliance & temp. checks
- Internal access control
- Automated attendance reports


OOH media sites

@multiple locations, India

Remote asset monitoring solution for OOH media owner; LED & Trivision OOH media sites spread over a large & distributed geographical area.
Enterprise solution provides:
- Proof of performance
- Site Issue alerts  & chronic issue tracking
- Inventory availability calendar
- Campaign history

We look forward to start a project with you.

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Partners in progress

Eikona Tech Partners are an extension of our team, playing an important part of our development and growth, helping us create a world where companies and their products are loved by customers and employees.


Syook provides Real Time Location Tracking Systems to contextually locate different assets (equipment or people) on a digital map of the facility. 

Eikonatech integrates access control into the RTLS dashboard.

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TQ Cert offers digital twin technology services for manufacturing & EPC processes. Eikonatech provides facial recognition, access control, counting & measurement automation solutions integrated into the TQ BI dashboard

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Pure Skies from Devic Earth is the most advanced, user friendly air cleaner for cities, industries, factories, and buildings.  Eikonatech offers commercial air purification services to our clientele under an exclusive arrangement agreement.

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