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Who we are

Eikonatech is a Bengaluru based start-up focused on building enterprise technology solutions using our in-house capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Robotics. 

We cater to a variety of industries and our projects/ offerings include -A remote asset monitoring

& traffic /eyeball analytics application for the OOH advertising sector.

The client is a Chennai based manufacturer of the large-sized outdoor advertising infrastructure. 

What we do

Occupancy detection, counting & reconciliation solution for the cinema exhibition industry. Eikonatech’s technology powers CosmicEye, widely used across India for in-screen occupancy counting. 


Our PoC solution for open-area patron counting & profiling is being tested by one of the largest multiplex chains in India in one of their properties in Pune. 

We also offer ‘Pure Skies’, which is a large area coverage air purification system. Indoor units easily cover entire buildings and outdoor units cover a radius of 1-3 km. This innovative solution uses pulsed radio waves in the Wi-Fi spectrum to accelerate the natural clearance of certain pollutants by dry deposition. The solution has been tested and proven to reduce important particle pollutants (PM10 & PM2.5) by 33% & gaseous pollutants (NOx, SOx, CO) by 30%. The product has been installed and proven effective in a wide variety of industries including power plants, cement plants, hospitals & cinema theatres in India.

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